Pixel8's Top 10 must-watch movies of all time

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Pixel8's Top 10 must-watch movies of all time

Meet the Team! Pixel8 staff select their top 10 must-watch movies of all time.


Dan Lyden – Design Manager

1. The Last Starfighter
80s Nostalgia overload, loved it when I was a kid. Could have been as big as StarWars.

2. Gladiator
Great script, great plot, great action, great performances. Obvious choice, but worthy nonetheless.


3. Raiders of the lost ark
What a trilogy (forget the fourth one!). For me the best of the bunch.

4. The Explorers
80s sci-fi. Kids on BMXs. Fond memories.

5. The Fugitive
Great story. Solid performance by Ford and Tommy Lee is at his cantankerous best.

6. Tremors
Produced the most movie one-liners from my childhood. Classic B-movie bordering on the so-bad-it’s-good.

7. The Matrix
Innovative in cinematography and storyline. Stylish and exciting.

8. Aliens
Exciting and scary in equal measure. The film looks great too. Classic sci-fi.

9. Mutiny on the Bounty
Hopkins, Gibson, Olivier, Day-Lewis, Neeson. Say no more.

10. Last of the Mohicans
My favourite actor at his best. Powerful, beautiful movie.

Tim Evans - Designer

1. Blade Runner
Slick, stylish, dangerous. Captivating cinematography.


2. Once Upon A Time In The West
I love a Western and this one has it all. Great pace and memorable scenes.

3. Almost Famous
Great road movie. Coming of age masterpiece.

4. Sunset Boulevard
Cynical Hollywood satire. Top movie, great script.

5. Sideways
Two-man stag gets complicated, darkly funny at times.

6. Boogie Nights
70s style throughout. Great feel to this movie, young Wahlberg is great.

7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Teen movie around fake sick day. Packed full with fun shenanigans. We’ve all been there.

8. Drive
Powerhouse of a movie. Moody, effortlessly cool, the best soundtrack ever. Didn’t need much dialogue.

9. Superbad
Funny movie from start to finish, perfect ‘lad’ dynamic.


10. When Harry Met Sally
Light-hearted and funny. Manages to be deep and warm at times.


Tim O’Sullivan – Ecommerce Manager

1. Die Hard
Best Christmas film ever. Fact.


2. Sideways
Top buddy film.

3. The Usual Suspects
Even when you know the big twist it’s still watchable.

4. LA Confidential
Three very different cops come together to root out crime in the LA underworld. Great characterisation in this.

5. Out Of Sight
Love story with a twist, great movie to watch with the Missus

6. Jurassic Park
Everyone knows how good this is!

7. The Colour Of Money
I’m a pool player. Plus great performances by Cruise and Newman.

8. Jerry Maguire
Err, Tom Cruise again…maybe this is a thing.

9. Groundhog day
Murray at his grumpy best. High concept film with universal appeal.

10. Home Alone
I love watching films at Christmas. Who doesn’t love Home Alone!?

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