Framed Alan Partridge art set. 3x original print deisgns + frame.

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A framed Alan Partridge gift set including with 3 original fan-art prints - all with famous quotes form the genius of Coogan.

Vintage look offers a subtle dose of Alan. A 'textbook' gift for any Partridge fan.

Print 1 - 'A Partridge amongst the Pigeons' from the famous TV show idea pitch to the BBC.
Print 2 - 'Norfolk Owl Sanctuary, a cracking place' from the date with Jill - classic episode.
Print 3 - 'I was in Baden Powell's pre-pubescent army' from the autobiography in Alan's time with the Scouts.

The prints are produced on high-quality semi gloss paper for a professional finish. Item comes finished with prints in place.

Unit size:
Length: 53 cm
Width: 26 cm
Depth: 4 cm
Weight: 1.33 kg

Visible print size. 13 x 18