The Goonies movie print fan art. Chester Copperpot, A4 or A5.

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The Goonies fan poster celebrating legendary figure Chester Copperpot.

Aged design and textured look with vintage portrait and Victorian style obituary. Great, Pic for any Goonies fan.

Text reads:

Chester Copperpot

Birth - Astoria, 1886 | Death - 1932 (presumed)

Chester Franklin Copperpot was born Oct. 4 1886 in Astoria Oregon; to Gen. Sir Richard Copperpot, a distinguished Army officer, and the former Sarah Anne Mitchell, known as Sally. A personable and affable gentleman, Copperpot gained fame for maritime exploration along the West Coast of Oregon. Presumed legally deceased in 1932 upon not returning to his estate for five years and following a publicised expedition - of which the details were left undeclared. He leaves behind no family. Ceremony of interment to be held at Gordon Cemetery, Astoria 25th May.

Available in A4 or A5, printed on high quality semi-gloss paper.

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